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Model: M3 Euro Evo 2
Chassis: WBSAK010102191678
Build Date: May 1988
Mileage: 87,000 km (54,000 miles)
Colour: Orange with shadowline trim
Motor: s14 220 hp factory catless
Interiour: Sparco racing seats, interiour removed, aluminum floor and wall panels, Heigo aluminum bolt in roll cage
Transmission: 5 speed close ratio manual (dogleg) 3.25 diff
Traction Control: none
Brakes Front: vented
Brakes Rear: solid
Wheels: 16X9" Borbet
Tires: 215/40-17 Dunlop SP 8000
Features: Euro bumpers with no side running lights, 5W city lights, H1 low, high, rear fog lights, 75L gastanks, front brake ducts, hood gasket, Evo lip, adjustable rear dual wing, lightened rear glass, smoked rear lenses
Options: mechanical windows and roof
Comments: never imported Evo2 loaded with go fast goodies, fenders previously repaired

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Rear Left Rear Front
Cockpit Evo 2 Motor Sparco Seats
Front Lip Rear Double Adjustable Wing VIN

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