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Model: M3 Euro Evo 3
Chassis: WBSAK07000AC79265
Build Date: February 1990
Mileage: 87,100 km (54,000 miles)
Colour: Brilliantrot
Motor: s14 235 hp 2.5L
Interiour: M technic cloth
Transmission: 5 speed close ratio manual (dogleg) 3.15 diff
Traction Control: none
Brakes Front: vented
Brakes Rear: solid
Wheels: 16"
Tires: 255-45-16
Features: Euro bumpers with no side running lights, Evo black trim, 5W city lights, H1 low, high, rear fog lights, 60L gastanks, front brake ducts, hood gasket, Evo lip, adjustable rear wing, lightened rear glass, central locking, alarm
Options: no air conditioning, electric windows, Becker Europa radio, small OBC, electronic damping control
Comments: never imported Evo3, engine 60xxxxxx 25 4S 1

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Left Right Rear Front Left
Rear Seats Evo 3 Motor Sparco Seats
87,000 km cockpit Dog Leg Tranny / Suede Shifter
Hood and Bumper Gaskets 16" Wheel VIN

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