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Model: 318iT
Chassis: WBAAG71040ED74525
Build Date: January 1988
Mileage: 134,000 km (83,000 miles)
Colour: Sterling Silver Metallic
Motor: s50b30 Euro (Euro M3) 286 hp
Interiour: charcoal grey cloth
Transmission: 5 speed manual e36 M6
Traction Control: none
Brakes Front: e36 M3, 315 x 28 mm vented floating two piece rotor
Brakes Rear: e34 M5, 300 x 20 mm vented
Wheels: e36 M3 7.5X17"
Tires: 225/45-17
Features: e30 M3 3.25 LSD, strut brace, ABS, check control system
Options: Euro bumpers and air dam, 1200 kg 2" towing hitch, Blaupunkt 10 pack CD
Comments: a time consuming, passionate conversion, one of a handfull of e30 tourings in NA, probably the fastest e30 wagon in NA, new coolant, engine oil, tranny oil, diff oil, brake fluid, new Bilstien sport shocks, new M3 control arm bushings, new Suspension Techniques sway bars (25/19mm adjustable), 750iL master brake cylinder, M5 guibo, new driveshaft bearing and bushing, scratch on hood and roof, mirror bases oxidizing

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Front Right Left Rear
Cockpit Motor Top Motor R
Hatch Area Rear Front Seats

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