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Selecting My Vehicle

What information do you need from me about the vehicle I want?

Ideally, you should narrow down for us some search parameters. This will help us quickly locate candidate vehicles that are of interest to you. Use the following chart or checklist to refine your interests. Indicate your likes and dislikes. Email the parameters to us. If you need help making a decision, we're happy to help.

manufacturer German, Japanese, domestic
model   compact, full size, SUV
year or chassis   range of years
body style   coupe, sedan, convertible, wagon
exterior colour   dark, light, ambivalent, colour aversions
interior colour   dark, light, ambivalent, colour aversions
interior trim   leather, pleather, cloth
options   sunroof, CD, navigation, PDC, DVD, etc.
warranty   required, not needed
mileage   preferred, max, minimum
budget   high end, low end, pre tax, after tax


Can you get me a vehicle less than 6 months old, a demo, manufacturer executive driven?

Yes, relatively new vehicles, demonstrators, vehicles with mileage under 1000 km are traded at auction.


Can you get me a vehicle with a warranty?

Yes. We encourage purchasing vehicles still under the manufacturer's warranty, if your budget permits.

Most manufacturers warranties are transferable without much fuss or procedure. However, the odd manufacturer implements small charges and procedures to transfer a warranty from one owner to the next.

BMW will honour it's bumper to bumper warranty on a US vehicle in Canada. Companies like Honda and Acura refuse to honour US warranties in Canada. 

BMW will not honour its free scheduled 4 year maintenance plan for US cars in Canada. You can still take your car to any US based dealer for free scheduled service. In fact, they love to see these cars south of the border. They do get paid by the parent company to complete your warranty work.

We will advise you, in advance of purchasing a vehicle, if the warranty will be in force.


Can you get me a vehicle with an extended warranty?

Yes. We can purchase and sell you an aftermarket warranty, if you feel it is critically important. Many manufacturers offer in-house extended warranties that can be purchased prior to the expiration of the standard vehicle warranty. We're not in favour of these products because they mostly are designed to pad the bottom line of the dealer selling the policy.


Does buying a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle mean that all required maintenance per the manufacturer's schedule will be done?

Yes, a CPO will all its consumables brought up to spec prior to issuance of the warranty. And all scheduled maintenance will be taken care of.


Is it possible to know if things have been repaired under recalls? Do Condition Reports show this?

Auction condition reports do not show recall items. In some cases, if we run the VIN of a vehicle with the manufacturer, they will be able to inform us what has been repaired and replaced on a vehicle.


Can I get a vehicle with or without certain features?

Yes. Whatever you want or don't want... We conduct thorough searches. We'll do our best to find what's available, at that moment.

The packages included with vehicles are shown in the options listing pages prepared by auction houses. Also, we can usually pull the actual options list from manufacturer of any car.


I noticed my preferred vehicle has windows that are tinted. Will there be any problems with compliance at the border?

Tinting is not a federal compliance issue. It may be an issue with your regional highway laws. It can be removed by a tint installer if you don't like it.


Do you have vehicles I can test drive?

No. Since we're buying cars from auctions, we don't have an inventory. Visit a local brick and mortar dealer, find the car you're interested in, then tell us your impressions.


How can you get a car without looking at it?

We generally buy vehicles from auction houses. These are for registered wholesaler dealer purchasers only. The vehicle listings are presented accurately and in great unbiased detail. Remotely, we have access to photographs, vehicle condition reports, CarFax, CarProof, etc. We learn everything we can about the vehicle before bidding. If we consider a vehicle from non-auction sources, we can visually inspect these vehicles and prepare a report for your review.

We've prepared a sample vehicle listing so you get a sense of what you'll see, what we look at and what we'll send you, to help choose or select candidate vehicles.

We've also prepared a sample vehicle report which shows the detailed information we typically have access to for listed vehicles.

Some vehicles include a condition report (CR) or seller's disclosure (SD) which provide even more detailed information. We show a sample condition report for your reference.


Do you physically inspect the vehicle before the auction?

Generally, no. However, we can inspect any vehicle that we will be buying in the Greater Toronto Area prior to auction. Condition reports that auctions generate on each vehicle are detailed enough that a physical inspection is not necessary. The auction guarantees the quality of the vehicle based on the condition report. If there are any significant variances, i.e. over $500 in missed damage, we can refuse delivery of the vehicle or adjust the sale price to compensate. If you feel there is not enough information given to you about any car, let us know. We can visit the facility and conduct an inspection at other locations upon request. All vehicles are closely inspected after the auction and prior to delivery to our clients.


Do we know the condition of the tires?

Tires tread depth is measured and noted on most auction condition reports. However, we don't know if the tires are summer, winter, or all-seasons and appropriate for use in any particular season.


Can we get a CarFax report for a vehicle?

Yes, but generally have more detailed information at the auction level than what CarFax provides. Bear in mind that if you want to see a CarFax on any vehicle, the charge is $30 per request.


Where do auctioned vehicles come from?

Almost all of the vehicles at auctions are lease returns and trade-ins being sold by dealers. This is where a majority of all vehicles are sold before they hit the retail market. For example, BMW Financial Services regularly sells their lease returns here.

Independent dealers like us buy and sell product here. The dealer auction is an efficient market mechanism which clears a high volume of cars every week. Many excellent vehicles end up here. As an example, a Porsche dealer may receive a Mercedes on trade. He is not interested in trying to retail a Mercedes at a Porsche dealership, so he just cashes out the Mercedes at auction and buys more Porsches for his lot. The vendor of each car is listed in each individual vehicle listing.


Can I learn about recalls to my preferred vehicle?

At various stages we can obtain recall notices from vehicle manufacturers or dealerships. After the auction, we will determine if recall repairs or maintenance work is required. Typically we'll run a VIN search. We will coordinate having the work completed and deliver the vehicle to an appropriate facility. With BMW vehicles, the recall repair work can be done in Canada.


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Page last edited on November 24, 2011.