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Post Auction

What happens after the auction?

After winning the auction for a vehicle, we submit payment. Then we make arrangements to transport the vehicle from the auction facility to you. If the vehicle has been purchased in the US, we make plans to transfer it to our warehouse in Buffalo, New York.

We may first send the vehicle to an authorized dealership to affect repairs, warranty service, maintenance, recall work, etc. We also begin preparing paperwork for transfer and importing, most importantly the vehicle title. See the vehicle registration FAQ for information on additional steps following the auction.


How do I pay the remaining auction amount and in what form?

Payment for the balance of the auctioned amount (total minus deposit) will have to be in the form of a wire transfer or a money order/bank draft will have to be dropped off.

Our bank will put a 5 day hold on funds if they are deposited in a branch that's not our home branch. That affects our ability to pay the auction house immediately, and delays the delivery of your car. Most other smaller payments, can be deposited into our account remotely.

If you bank at TD Canada Trust, you can set up our Company as a personal payee and transfer $5000 per transaction without a daily limit. However, this process has to be done a day before the planned transfer. Intrabank transfers with TD have no limits if initiated at your branch in person.

Funds can be in CAD or USD, whichever is your preference. We can convert to USD on our end as need requires.


How long does it take to get a car from auction to my driveway?

Under ideal circumstances, from the close of the auction to delivery, runs about two days. If cars are coming from across the border, the process usually takes about a week.

Factors which determine the time it takes to deliver a car depend on: funds availability, ownership/title availability, weather conditions, government mandated waiting periods, availability of warranty or recall replacement parts, and access to inspection/registration facilities.


What paperwork do I need to prepare after the auction?

We need a copy of your driver's licence and insurance particulars for completion of the bill of sale. We will send you a transfer of ownership slip for you to complete and return. See our Forms page for images of the paper forms.


Do I have to provide an insurance policy number?

To get your vehicle license plates, we need your insurance information including company and policy number. We can provide the ownership without plates, if you don't have a policy number.


What fees to I have to pay after the auction deposit and auction balance?

There are various fees such as importing, transport, taxes, registration, etc.

We can stage the payments for the import taxes/transport elements when the car reaches the border, if this helps you manage funds better on your end.


What happens if the vehicle has a recall notice?

If we discover that the vehicle has a recall, we will look into what is required to clear it and where the work can be done. With Mercedes-Benz, in general, the work must be done in the US. BMW Canada will do recall work on US cars, so the maintenance can be done north or south of the border. We will transport the vehicle to an appropriate location for the work to be done. This may add 3 or 4 days to our processing time.


What if there are discrepancies or differences with the vehicle?

When we preview a vehicle at auction, we rely on the accurate representation by the auction house and their inspectors. We may find during a post-sale inspection that there is a discrepancy with the vehicle. Very occasionally an issue may occur. The auction house is responsible for correction any misrepresentations. We will initiate a dialog with the auction company's arbitration department to seek compensation. We will keep you apprised every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

See the National Auto Auctions Association Arbitration Policy (PDF) documents for Manheim USA or Manheim Canada or Adesa Canada Policy document for more information.


What if there is unreported damage or issues with the vehicle?

If undisclosed damage is discovered on a vehicle after purchase from an auction house, we will enter a dialog with the auction house's arbitration department. In general, if the damage is more than $500 to repair, rectify the situation with the auction company. They may offer to reduce the price of the vehicle, allow us to repair the vehicle and chargeback, or repair the damage themselves.

Ultimately, a deal can be retracted. If you're not comfortable, we can scrub the deal with the auction company. A vehicle can be sent back to the auction house for a full refund wherein we can recover the cost of car, the auction fees, and the shipping cost.


Does someone need to be present to receive the vehicle?

No. We can drop the vehicle at a pre-arranged location and separately arrange to provide the keys and paperwork. We can also deliver to your office.


Can I pick up my vehicle?

Yes. We can coordinate a time and location that suits you.


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Page last edited on November 16, 2011.