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Vehicle Registration

Can you get me new Ontario plates and register my car for me?

Yes. New randomly sequenced plates are $20. Transfers of ownership cost $15. Registration costs $74 per year and is pro-rated to your birth month. Sometimes two year registrations are available. Smog and safety certificates are required for Ontario registration.


What happens if I have unpaid parking fines and/or 407 Tollway charges on my driver's license?

Before the MTO, the licensing office, will issue a new registration in your name, the fines will have to be paid by us. We will obtain a receipt for you as proof that the charges were paid in your name, so that you can keep them for future records. If your license is suspended, we cannot register a vehicle in your name. You have to take care of this issue yourself.


How much is the Ontario smog and safety fee?

We can obtain a smog and safety text for a combined total of $100 plus HST. Generally, it takes a day or two to book in a vehicle and complete the process. Any repairs to bring a vehicle into compliance are extra.


What extra costs could I expect to pay to meet safety and smog tests.

Certain things like tires, brake pads, rotors, or light bulbs may be needed to pass safety. We cannot know some of these things in advance of the inspection. If the car should need any of these items, we would discuss with you the various available pricing options, and you would direct us how to handle them.


Can you register my car in a location other than the province of Ontario?

No. We are only registered to transact registrations and collect taxes in the province of Ontario, Canada.


I have old Ontario license plates that I'd like to use. How would I get these to you?

We don't need the physical license plates that you want to put on the car. However, we do need the ownership paper for them. We can "attach" the old plates onto the new car with this document. It is the right side of the green ownership form that is required. If you don't have this form, we cannot register these plates to your new vehicle.


What if I cannot find the ownership paperwork for my old plates?

Visit an MTO office with the license plate numbers in hand, and they will print up a lost ownership for the plates for $5. Note that new random plates are $20 and you can switch them for your old ones whenever you like for $5. They'll credit you for the old registration sticker and make you pay for a new one. You can to present the old random plate to the MTO for a registration sticker credit, which they will mail you 6 weeks later.


What is needed to register my vehicle in Ontario?

We need a copy of your driver's license and your insurance company name and policy number. We will provide you a transfer of ownership sticker, which you sign under the section of purchaser. You send that back to us and we handle the rest of the transfer process for you.


Do I need to lock in automobile insurance before I bid on a vehicle?

No. However it is a good idea to get some rate quotes from a few insurance companies to be sure you are fully aware of the charges before you begin bidding.

Once we purchase a vehicle for you, Ontario law requires us to ask for your insurance particulars before we can register your vehicle. Our fleet insurance covers any vehicles we purchase until transferred to you. Once a vehicle is registered in your name, your insurance covers that vehicle.


Any recommendations on insurance companies that give good rates?

No. Rates will vary according to your personal factors, vehicle type, history, where you live, etc. We suggest calling a few companies or visiting kanetix.ca for some on-line quote comparison.


I have a trade-in vehicle? Can Willz take it?

Yes. We can offer to dispose of any vehicle you wish to trade in. We can pick up your trade-in when new vehicle is dropped off so that you will never be without a car to drive. Because we don't hold any inventory, we would take your old car to auction and sell it there. Please be sure to turn over a signed original ownership with your trade-in.


What are the fees for a trade-in?

We can return to you any proceeds from the auction house sale, less our $500 processing fee and less the auction fees. Note that the gross value of your trade-in (value of the vehicle plus HST) when sold at auction will be credited towards your new vehicle. If it is sold privately or retail, you will lose those tax benefits.


What is my trade-in worth?

A number of factors affect the value of a vehicle, of course. We recommend you try using the Canadian Black Book web site, specifically the Trade-In Value estimator, to get a sense of what your car might fetch. It's quick and easy to use. Be sure to select the Trade-In Value option. It will prompt you for the year (as far back as 1999), make, model, trim level, style, transmission type, mileage, etc. as well as your location. It will result in low and high price numbers.


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Page last edited on January 25, 2012.