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Wholesale Auction Vehicle Brokerage Services


What does Willz auto brokerage do?

We source vehicles for our clients from a huge variety of wholesale dealer-only auctions in Canada, the USA, and Europe. We use our professional analytical tools to locate the best car in the best market for you.

We dispense with many of the costly services and amenities associated with the typical brick-and-mortar dealership. We consistently put smiles on our client's faces with the great cars we put in their driveways.


How much can I save?

It is bit difficult to give a precise number but roughly you may be able to save 10 to 15%. Given our reduced overhead and that we purchase vehicle from wholesale sources, we can pass on cost savings to you. If we import a vehicle from the U.S. and the Canadian dollar is strong, we may be able to save you money, as some U.S. vehicles are priced much lower south of the border.

Also, we can help in the conversion and federalisation of a vehicle at rates below what the automobile manufacturers themselves would charge, if you dealt with them directly. A better vehicle at a better price.

Try our quick calculator on our CDN-USA importing page. Or tell us the make and model of a vehicle you're interested in and ask us for a free and detailed estimate.


What can I expect from Willz automobile brokerage?

You will be given an honest professional answer to all of your questions. We will find vehicles that meet your individual needs. We will not pad or exaggerate the quality of any vehicle. We will make sure you are given an objective quality review of every vehicle we locate. You can make an informed purchase decision based on our detailed research.

We will ensure you are happy and receive excellent value in your purchase. We want you to tell your friends and family about your personal experience with our brokerage. Your complete satisfaction is the key to our continued success.


How does the process work?

Our concept is modeled after the way a real estate or stock broker works. We start out by asking you what your needs are; manufacturer, style, colour preferences, transmission, mileage, options, etc.? What is your budget? Have you seen something that looks interesting that you want us to find for you? It's that simple. All you have to do is tell us what you want.

We will tailor a solution to your needs. We will research historic wholesale pricing and will suggest to you what any particular vehicle will sell for. We will present you with a list of suitable vehicles available from all of our sources. Perhaps a car in Montreal will sell for a good price, or an imported vehicle from Boston would do well if the Canadian dollar is strong. You choose which vehicle will best suit you needs from there.


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Page last edited on January 25, 2012.