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Model: M3 Euro (Canadian spec., limited edition, 15 of 45)
Chassis: WBSBF9121RJC35733
Build Date: November 1993
Mileage: 38,000 km (24,000 miles)
Colour: Mugello Red
Motor: s50b30 Euro (Euro M3) 286 hp
Interiour: black leather with M tri-colour stripe
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Traction Control: none
Brakes Front: 315 x 28 mm vented floating two piece rotor
Brakes Rear: 312 x 20 mm vented
Wheels: Motorsport 10 double spoke  7.5X17"
Tires: Michelin MXX3 235-40-17
Features: glass covered ellipsoid headlamps, factory integrated rear fog lights, stainless steel brake lines, X brace, ECU chip (stock available also), performance exhaust (stock available also)
Options: M stripped door trim, sunroof, electric seats, Motorsport rear deck wing, separate driver/passenger heater/AC controls, premium sound with 5 pack CD in trunk
Comments: the finest Canadian spec. Euro M3 I've ever seen, importable to the US without the need of Federalizing, all original paint, no accidents, maintenance records, never winter driven

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Front Right Left Rear
Cockpit Motor Top Motor R
Hatch Area 15 of 45 Front Seats

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