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Model: M3 USA coupe
Chassis: WBSBL93433XXXXXXX
Build Date: December 13, 2002
Mileage: 69,000 miles
Colour: Schwarz II (668/9)
Motor: S54
Interiour: Imola red leather
Transmission: 6  speed manual
Traction Control: DSC
Brakes Front: Performance Friction 2 piece
Brakes Rear: Performance Friction 2 piece
Wheels: 19" double ten spoke staggered OEM
Features: UUC short shifter, light weight flywheel, M5 clutch, GC 500 lbs. front springs, 550 lbs. rear springs, adjustable sway bars, urethane bushings with heim joint links, double adjustable front Konis, single adjustable rears,  Sirius satellite radio, Euro M3 headers (cats down stream), Conforti chip, original parts available
Options: ski bag, arm rest front, heated front seats, rain sensor, xenon, Navi, 6 pack CD in-trunk,
Comments: Navi upgraded to 2007 software, bluetooth enabled, CPO to February 2009, sunroof delete, 4 point Schroth harness

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69,000 miles cockpit  

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