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Importing a Vehicle to Your Country

Very different rules apply to importing cars to your country of residence based on which country your car came from. Please select the appropriate link that will detail the procedures, costs and expected times it will take to import and properly register your car in your country of residence. If your car originally was imported from Europe to Canada and you wish to import it to the U.S., please select the last link on the page.

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Canada to U.S.A.
European Union to U.S.A.
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European Union to Canada
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U.S.A. to Canada
Canada (formerly Euro) to U.S.A
We can assist in locating, purchasing, transporting, exporting, importing, and registering for our clients in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Please enquire about a fee schedule for your specific circumstances.


Summary of Import Charges and Wait Times

Speedometer Swap
Conversion Cost
Wait times
Canada to USA 2.5% MPH required ~US$850 for BMW e39 $0 one week
Europe to USA 2.5% included ~US$11,000 3-6 months
Europe to Canada 2.5% not required included 2 months
Canada (Euro) to USA check with local DMV none
USA to Canada 6.1% not required ~CAD$400 60 days


US Vehicle Importing Exemption Forms


See our broking frequently asked questions (FAQ) section for more information.

Rates and fees may change without notice.

Willz.ca cannot assume any liability for the information contained herein. Please check with your Federal, Provincial, or State authorities for the most current and detailed information.


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