Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Who We Are





Dealership Address

Willz Leasing Corporation
220 James St. West, Unit 2
Orillia, Ontario, Canada
L3V 6Y3

        Mailing Address

Willz Leasing Corporation
3029 Bloor St. West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M8X 1C5


Our Team

Will Zaraska, President
will (at) willz (dot) ca or willzaraska (at) yahoo (dot) com
tel. +1 416 244 6686 and +1 716 907 4794 (USA)
fax. +1 416 244 3370
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Fraser Murray, Automotive Sales Manager
fraser (at) willz (dot) ca
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thomas Rüther, European Procurement Manager
thomas (at) willz (dot) ca
Dusseldorf, Germany

Fabio Perelli, Motorsports Development Director
fabio (at) willz (dot) ca
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Blake Nancarrow, Information Technology Manager
blake (at) willz (dot) ca
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Christopher Koch, Operations USA
chris (at) willz (dot) us
Buffalo, New York, USA

Kurt Lauer, Transport Systems USA
kurt (at) willz (dot) ca
Buffalo, New York, USA


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